TOMASKO is the exclusive and local Dutch sales & service support for renowned manufacturers of advanced and high performance valves in specific applications.
bellows sealed valves

nozzle check valves
dual plate check valves
isolation, control, HIPPS & choke valves
safety valves & changeover valves
DELLA FOGLIA | Tomasko Netherlands
API 6D/6A/6DSS/17D
ball valves

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About Tomasko
We are industry and application focused and a most efficient interface between manufacturer and customer.

We combine knowledge of process valves and their applications with customer demands.

We are dedicated to the valve manufacturers and clients we serve and build long-term relationships.

We offer manufacturers and clients clarity, completeness and correctness by staying focused.

We ensure customers to get the right valves and optimized processes.

We are a flexible and enterprising organization that is not restricted by a nine-to-five mentality.
As long as there will be customers for us, we will be there for them 24 hours per day and every day of the week.

Knowledge and experience since 1988 in industrial applications, project management, product specifications, document flow, maintenance shutdowns, process and product modifications, etc are at your disposal any time.

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